Interior Design

Be Original

Every one of you is an interior designer who cherishes the originality of your place. The whole idea of finding a greater solution a desire for uniqueness. That could mean artwork that stands out for its admirable technique that uses nice materials. Or in the case of a painting like visionary art by Jungle Symbol, it could mean it makes an unusual aesthetic statement with this especial artwork canvas.


Visual project

Complimentary Colors

Many interior design projects focus on residential homes or hospitality-related businesses, spaces that require a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. Color is a major concern for such environments. The colors in the art do not have to match the environment; they simply must complement it. There are various strategies that use to approach color trends. Jungle Symbol works with a limited color palette that appeals to interior designers because it is classic and transcends fads. Jungle Symbol incorporates a wide range of colors in his work, but each particular piece is limited in its palette. His bold aesthetic is idiosyncratic and easy for designers to keep in mind, and chances are he has a work to complement almost any color statement.


How Big is Big?

Interior designers like artworks that can help them address as much space as possible with their budget. But since every built environment is different, it is impossible to offer specifics about what defines a big work of art. Scale and proportion are the real problems, not size. That said, when most interior designers say they want a big painting, they mean something larger than 92 x 92 centimeters (36 x 36 inches). Many interior designers report that reasonably priced, high quality, large, original paintings like ‘Longtail’ and ‘Boundless’ by Jungle Symbol are difficult to find and in high demand.


Mind the Budget

In a perfect world, every interior designer would hire artists to custom make original artwork for every environment. That way, artists could collaborate in the process in a personal way, creating something with the specific environment in mind. Money is the reason that rarely happens. Every interior design project has a budget, and customization is almost always more expensive than buying existing art.

There is no universally ideal price range for art for interior designers, but they generally need to stretch their money as far as possible. Their needs are different than those of investors or collectors. Artists like Jungle Symbol are therefore attractive to interior designers because, not only is his process unique and his work aesthetically pleasing, but he also creates artworks in many different sizes and price points. His artwork can accommodate multiple spaces and budgets.

Blue tunnel

Abstraction Works Best

Beauty, contemplativeness, and functionality can be achieved through any artistic position. But most interior designers prefer to incorporate visionary art when creating a modern space. Viewers tend to first interpret objective figurative artwork according to its subject matter. If that subject matter seems more compelling than the environment itself, the artwork can become a distraction rather than an enhancement.

Visionary art is therefore far more versatile. Such artwork like ‘Pink’ and ‘Seven’ by Jungle Symbol potentially enhances a variety of different environments; it also versatile within a given space. It can be the focal point if necessary, or it can be utilized in a way that its formal qualities alone converse with space, allowing viewers to contemplate the art within the larger context of the environment


Final Thoughts

One practical service Jungle Symbol offers that interior designers appreciate is that the artwork I sell arrives also unframed. Most designers have relationships with framers and prefer selecting a custom framing method after the work arrives in the space. The other practical service I offer is a 30-day return policy, in case the work looks different once it arrives: a vital consideration for me as an online art saler. As with my other tips, these gestures are intended to help you and interior designers stay versatile and flexible, which are ultimately their most important goals.


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